I´m currently postdoctoral researcher based in Denmark with experience in industry and academia. In addition, I received education in innovation management with a focus on small companies during my undergraduate. While navigating in research environments I realized there is a big gap between scientists, society, and institutions. Often this gap undermines the whole innovation process for several reasons; organizational hurdles, enormous efforts to unproductive tasks, lack of a systematic approach for scientific collaborations across disciplines, little use of project planning and execution tools, dealing with massive amounts of confusing information or ineffective communication with the right stakeholders are some examples. There I found motivation to improve our society from different perspectives. For this reason I founded the Society of Spanish researchers in Denmark, a platform to bring amazing science closer to society and institutions. And most importantly, make it understandable and engaging for everyone involved. In this regard, society will become more aware of the importance of science and more informed to make decisions that may affect future generations. I invite you to join this challenge!

Darío Vázquez-Albacete   
Postdoctoral researcher in immunology and biotechnology – DTU Veterinary Institue